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English Information

Entry Requirement

  • 1.The Student or his/her parents lives in Japan (except for some areas)
  • 2. Can read Japanese(Equivalent to JLPT 5 or above)
  • 3. Over 15 years old on April 1st, 2024
  • 4. Successfully completed 9 years of elementary and junior high school education(Certificate required)
  • 5. Can attend the classes

What is Correspondence High School ?

  • 1. A High School Graduate Certificate can be acquired in three years as full-time high school students by getting over 74 credits with class assignment reports, attendance and term exams.
  • 2. Possible options- attending classes either 5 or 2 days a week. Can have the same school life as full-time high school students by attending 5 days a week.

How the curriculum works

Credit Systems

74 credits are required to graduate. It takes 3 years to complete the curriculum.

How to acquire credit


Write a sufficient number of reports required by subjects and curriculum (about 100 pages/year), submitting by the due date and having them approved.


Attend a sufficient number of classes required by subjects and curriculum(About 8 days/year)


Pass the exams


Courses after graduation

It is possible to apply to universities, junior colleges and technical colleges Recommendations are available to certain universities and colleges

Character of Wasegaku High School

The policy of Wasegaku High School is to give an education that allows students and teachers certain freedoms to pursue subjects and interests that correspond to each studentユs ability and aptitude. The philosophy of Wasegaku High School is based on “Self-Producing”, “True Color”, and “Making Dreams”. Every studentユs dreams, human rights and identity are fully respected and the school atmosphere is always engaging. We also support students becoming independent and balanced with the common sense needed to be a productive citizen in society.

Policy of Education

1. Self-producing
Every student has to understand the importance of freedom regarding “his/her own responsibility”, the ability to “choose his/her life” and independence.
2. True Color
Every student should understand their own “Identity” and develop further. They should raise the importance of “Reliance” and “Friendship” through the communication between friends and teachers.
3. Making Dreams
Every student should find his/her “Future Dream” and aim to achieve it. It is important to keep on dreaming.
Entrance exam information E-mail:wsgk@wasegaku.ac.jp